Having a set of dumbbells at home allows you to perform many exercises and work on almost each of your muscle groups without any other equipment. The smaller the dumbbell set the more creative you have to be but a quick search on Google can give you lots of ideas for workout programmes and exercises to try out.

Basic dumbbell sets usually consist of a pair of dumbbells with either fixed weights or a set of plates that can be added or removed to each of the bars to increase or decrease the weight. As well as a pair of dumbbells you can also get a barbell which is one long bar, usually about 6ft long, which can take heavier weights and is held in both hands. The barbell can be used to perform the bench press, overhead shoulder press, squats and deadlifts as well as many other exercises. The barbell is especially useful if you want to include these compound exercises into your routine. The downside of the barbell is that it is often more expensive and takes up more space and can sometimes require extra equipment like a power-rack or bench.

With dumbbells you can perform many exercises to help make you stronger and in shape. Popular exercises to do with a set of dumbbells include the bicep curl, the shoulder press and squats and lunges although there are many more and you are only really limited by your imagination when it comes to making a routine.