Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes: A Buyer’s Guide

The exercise bike is a great piece of exercise equipment for starters and for people who want something affordable. Then, there are those who prefer cycling to running so exercise bikes are just the right choice for them. This could often be due to the fact that you don’t want to put too much pressure on the joints. How do you go about choosing the right exercise bike for your requirements? The first thing you would need to do is to choose a brand that spells quality, not some fly-by-night operator. Then, look for the features that you would like in an exercise bike. Then, well …. buy!

The Pedals and Saddles

Look for exercise bikes where the pedals are smooth and there is equal resistance right through the full cycle of pedalling. You might want to read a few reviews about this if you are buying online. You should also look at the exercise bike saddle and find out if it is padded and comfortable. If you plan on spending some time exercising, you need an exercise bike that is definitely not a pain in the butt. You might want to check if the saddle on the exercise bike is adjustable because this helps in long exercise sessions.

The Brakes and Flywheel

Check to see what the braking system in the exercise bike is all about – whether it is electronic or mechanical. You need to make the choice – the manual might be cheaper but you should check what the flywheel is like to give you good, smooth movement. You will need a heavy one to make the feel of the pedalling good. When the braking system is electronic, the movement is much smoother and you very often get programmes that can measure your heart rate, set your incline, etc. If you have an air braking system, you get a lot more resistance as you increase the speed of your pedalling. When it comes to flywheels for exercise bikes, the heavier, the better because then you can count on smoother rides.

Bike Programmes

You might want an exercise bike that has a clear console that gives you exactly the information you need. Check the bike’s specifications to see what the console displays and whether it is what you want.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes have a backrest that is padded and which goes back so you can lean on it. This spells comfort when you want to pedal for a length of time and when you have had back or knee problems. So you sit very low on the bike and your legs are stretched out while you lean back.

Upright Exercise Bikes

These exercise bikes enable you to sit up straight exactly as you would on a regular cycle. You are in an elevated position and you can sit forward while you pedal.

Spin Bike

Spin bikes are said to be great to lose weight and they come with seats that can be adjusted – both horizontally and vertically and fluid pedal movement to give you a really great cycling experience. It’s the ideal exercise bike for serious athletes.

Exercise Bike Brands

Choose from brands that are of high quality and those that give you a warranty. You can get good exercise bikes from NordicTrack, Vision Fitness, Marcy, Weslo and York. There are different price ranges depending on the features and you can choose the one that is right for you.