Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are a great way to get fit and tone your muscles. Depending on how high the resistance is set you can really give your arms a good workout and get them looking toned and firm in no time. Although they can take up a fair amount of space a rower doesn’t have to be expensive with our lowest price rowing machine going for a touch over £50. Read our Rowing Machine Buyers Guide below to help you make your mind up on which rower is best for you.

Rowing Machine Buyer’s Guide

Rowing machines are an ideal form of exercise for those looking to burn fat while exerting the minimum amount of stress on their joints. You can’t beat a rower to tone up your body, to stay supple or for a body building exercise. The great thing is, a rowing machine which replicates the movement of actual rowing, is great for both the young and the old. For athletes, a rower is a great way to prepare your body for any event. For the old, the body can stay limber without putting too much of stress on the problem areas like the ankles, knees and hips. For the weight watchers, rowing machines are ideal to burn those calories and lose those troublesome pounds.

Let’s take a look at what you need to keep an eye out for when you choose a rowing machine for your home. The first choice you need to make even before you look at any rower is to decide what you want a rowing machine for. Is it for general health, for extreme training or for weight loss? Now go look at the specifications of the rowing machines that are available, making sure you buy a brand that is known and spells quality.

Do you have room for a Rowing Machine?

That’s the first thing – after you’ve decided what you want the rowing machine for. Find a place for your rower – and decide on one depending on where you want to keep it. Some can fold away, some can be stood up against a wall and most of them are light and compact.

Type of Resistance

You should take a look at the resistance types in the various rowing machines. You have magnetic, sculling and hydraulic. While the magnetic type feels like the real thing and makes you think you are gliding over water, the sculling type uses swinging levers instead of a cable and a bar which makes them easier to use and the hydraulic ones might not seem like the real rowing experience but you get great value for money.


You might want to check if your consoles have all the programmes you want. This would be especially necessary in a rowing machine if you are in training or do serious workouts. The programmes should give you the distance, speed and how many calories you have burned, etc. You should find the LCD screen easy to read on your rower.

Types of Rowing Machines

You can choose from three types of rowers – the air rowers, the water rowers and the magnetic rowers. The air rowers are rowing machines with fan blades which turn the flywheel and they use the resistance which the wind provides. Water rowers create the resistance of a boat in water and they are pretty silent to use except for the sound of the water. Magnetic rowers are like the ones you have in gyms and they are smooth and they use a magnetic brake system.

Rowing Machine Brands

Choose from the best brands if you want a rowing machine that is durable. Some of the top rowing machine manufacturers are by Concept 2, Tunturi, First Degree, Proteus, Reebok and Horizon.

We hope you found this buyers guide useful and are now closer to choosing the right rower for you.