Coleman Fission X480 Sleeping Bag

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This is another sleeping bag from Coleman and in the popular mummy-shape. Mummy sleeping bags provide a more snug fit and people often prefer them as they are warmer and more cosy. They can also take up less space when packed as they are narrower at the bottom making them more convenient for those them on the road.

If you are looking for a sleeping bag to take with you on your travel the Coleman Fissions X480 might be perfect for you as it has a low pack size of 36 cm x 20.5 cm which I’m sure you will agree is pretty small and easy to carry around. This Coleman sleeping bag also has a easy to carry weight of 1.45 kg which includes the liner which can be detached for easy washing.

If you’ve ever suffered from a moving pillow when sleeping in a sleeping bag this one comes fitted with an integrated pillow pocket which secures your pillow in place meaning you won’t wake up with a stiff neck and the pillow no where to be seen!

For extra warmth and comfort this is one of the Coleman sleeping bags that uses their Coletherm insulation technology ensuring you have a warm and snug sleep. If you are looking for a modern, advanced mummy style sleeping bag the Coleman X480 is definitely worth investing in.

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