Coleman Hampton 190 Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag from Coleman is a great product that is suitable for a wide range of campers. If you are not keen on the mummy-style sleeping bags then the Coleman Hampton 190 will be perfect for you. Due to its rectangular shape those who are a bit wider or prefer not to be wrapped too tightly whilst sleeping will love this sleeping bag.

As well as its great shape the Coleman Hampton 190 is also reversible allowing to not only change its appearance but also change the warm of the sleeping bag. For warmer evenings you can sleep on the cotton side or when it starts to get cold reverse the sleeping bag for extra warmth by sleeping on the supersoft flannel side.

The temperature range of this sleeping bag runs from -4°C to +13°C making it suitable for most climates.

So to surmise, if you are looking for a rectangular sleeping bag as opposed to the mummy shaped sleeping bags this is probably the best bag on the market for you.

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