Squat Racks

Squat Racks are great if you want to be able to train your legs safely in your home gym. Depending on the type the squat rack it can be very similar to a power rack or it can be more simple, like in the photo, and only suitable for doing squats with.

As everybody knows, if you don’t train your legs, your upper body won’t grow as much as it could so a squat rack is an important piece of kit. Having one will allow you to train your legs safely by doing the squat movement without the risk of getting stuck with a barbell on your back!

It is always best to squat with at least one spotter and if you can find two people then one on each side of the barbell is even safer. Even with a squat rack it’s best not to go too heavy without anyone there to catch you if you fall.

Thing To Think About When Choosing a Squat Rack:

  • Do I need a dedicated squat rack or will a power rack be ok?
  • How much weight can the squat rack support?
  • Can the rack be fixed to the ground and if so how?
  • How adjustable is the height of the rack?

If you only want to train legs at home or are after a dedicated squatting rack then a squat rack is for you. Make sure it can match your height and you will be growing those legs in no time!