Vibration Trainers

Vibration Trainers or Vibration Plates as they are sometimes called are a great way to get a full body workout without having to go outside or do lots of unnecessary movement. Read out vibration plates buyers guide below to make sure you get the right one:

Vibration Trainer Buyers Guide

Vibration trainers just need you to stand on vibration plates and there you are, getting a work out. What a wonderful thing to get a total body work out by just standing in one place. However, you need to know what kind of vibration trainer you require because from a little over £100, the cost of this equipment can go up to a little under £10,000.

Different Models of Vibration Trainers

If you just want a basic model, you don’t need to spend too much but with every additional feature, the price starts climbing till you get very fancy features with very sophisticated programmes. The lower priced ones have smaller motors and hardly any programmes but if it is just a little bit of a workout you want every week, this should be ideal for you. Most of the models come with programmes that are pre-set so it saves you the trouble of setting new programmes for yourself.

Key Features to Look For in Vibration Trainers

In any vibration trainer’s technical specifications, you will see the mention of amplitude, frequency and horse power. Amplitude refers to how much the vibration plates move from the lowest to the highest point during the workout. A higher amplitude means a more intense work out. The frequency refers to how fast the vibration plates can vibrate so if the range is wider, all the better. A lower frequency means a lower vibration and this is good if you are beginner. When you see the frequency as being 60 hertz, it refers to the impulses per second so that would mean the vibration plates would move 60 times every second. You should start at a lower figure and work your way up to avoid injuries. You will need a higher frequency of you want a professional work out. Horsepower refers to the motor power and the higher it is, the more the vibration plates can vibrate because the machine can handle heavy usage. A bigger motor means it is not only more powerful but also more silent so you might want to keep this in mind if you are planning on watching TV while you are exercising.

Size of Vibration Plates

If you want more out of your vibration trainers, you need larger vibration plates and they need larger motors to run them so you will have to spend more. Larger vibration plates give you a better workout and better results.

Which Brand of Vibration Trainer

When it comes to equipment, it’s so much easier to buy a brand that is well known and established. You know you will get a good warranty, you know you will be able to call on their after sales service and you know they won’t be here today and gone tomorrow if anything were to go wrong. Here are some of the ones that are reputed manufacturers of vibration trainers – Power Plate, Horizon, Body Sculpture, Bodi-Tek, Medicarn and Bodycore. For most of the lower priced ones, the warranty period will be a year while for the higher priced ones, it will be two years.

We hope you found this buyers guide useful and are now able to buy the right Vibration Trainers to meet your needs!